Credo AI Use Cases

Credo AI is purpose built for organizations in all stages of the Ethical AI journey, across many industries. Whether you're in Financial Services, HR Technologies, Retail, or Government, Credo AI is ready to be customized for your AI Governance needs.


Credit Risk & Fraud

Compliance and risk management for all of your models, from underwriting to credit risk to fraud.

Credo AI brings your data science and compliance teams together to get models through the governance process faster, with less risk.


AI Procurement & Vendor Risk Management

Helping vendors and customers speed up the AI procurement process.

Credo AI helps organizations manage AI vendor risk with tailored assessment tools and policies.


NYC’s Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDT) Law

Measure & Manage Bias in your AI Hiring Tools

New York City is the first locality to pass a new law requiring any algorithmic hiring tool used on its residents to be audited annually for disparate impact. Credo AI can help employers and HR vendors get in compliance with New York City's new bias audit requirements.


Everything you need to deliver trustworthy, ethical AI.


Organizational Benefits

Reduce AI Risk

Enterprises scaling their AI adoption need a tool that helps them identify and reduce risk of the most sensitive or highest risk applications of AI within their organization.

Pain points:
Organizations want to gain trust with their customers and the market. In addition minimize the probability that they will experience brand, financial, or regulatory harm due to “AI gone wrong.”

Manage Regulatory Compliance

Credo AI can help organizations in regulated industries and verticals stay on top of constantly changing regulatory requirements for their AI systems.

Pain points:
Your organization doesn't have the internal expertise at scale to do this themselves, and the current cost of keeping up with regulatory compliance needs is very high.

Scalable AI Governance

Credo AI is an AI governance platform that helps organizations that want to scale their use of AI/ML and reduce the manual guesswork involved in managing AI governance processes.

Pain points:
Misgoverned or ungoverned AI poses an enormous risk to the financial, brand, and regulatory well-being of the organization, and the manual processes organizations use to manage AI governance today do not scale effectively.

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