Globally Integrated Governance: The Keystone to AI’s Positive Impact

We're thrilled to announce that our team has contributed to the upcoming UN's Multistakeholder Advisory Board with a comprehensive paper titled, "Globally Integrated Governance: The Keystone to AI’s Positive Impact."

🔎 What's Inside?

1. Global AI Challenges & Opportunities: An in-depth exploration of the evolving risks and transformative potential of AI, emphasizing the need for both national and supranational governance.

2. Deep Dive into AI Governance Models: A critical analysis of existing governance proposals, including DeepMind's, with insights into the distinctions between "frontier" and "advanced" AI models.

3. Coordinating Global & National Efforts: Highlighting the importance of harmonizing global and national governance strategies, with practical examples like the UK's Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum to illustrate effective coordination.

Our paper reflects our commitment to shaping the future of AI governance and ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed responsibly and ethically. We're honored to be part of this global conversation and to represent diverse perspectives in the AI governance landscape.

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