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Credo AI's Governance software simplifies the process of compliance by helping you define context-driven governance requirements for your AI systems by conducting thorough technical assessments of data and models, generating governance artifacts, and providing human-in-the-loop reviews and AI Governance process tracking. Additionally, our Local Law No. 144 Policy Pack assesses models, datasets, and AI use cases against modular requirements specific to the law!

By using our software, you should expect to: 

  • Understand your obligations under Local Law No. 144 more easily and comprehensively.
  • Test and evaluate AI systems to ensure they meet regulatory requirements.
  • Implement the necessary processes to ensure continuous compliance and mitigate risks. 

Get a demo today and see how Credo AI can simplify your compliance process and help your organization meet the requirements of Local Law No. 144! 

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Request a Demo of NYC Local Law No. 144 Policy Pack