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With Credo AI's contextual AI Governance Software Platform, organizations can maximize their AI ROI and minimize AI-related risks by ensuring their AI is fair, compliant, safe, secure, auditable, and human-centered across the entire AI lifecycle.

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Credo AI Honored With Fast Company’s 2022 Next Big Things in Tech Award

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Credo AI's software empowers you to adopt advanced AI with confidence so you can maximize its full potential and minimize its risks.

It’s hard to keep pace with AI innovations and mounting regulation pressures and changes. Our AI Governance Platform provides that assurance, and makes it easy to ensure your AI systems meet business, legal, and values-driven requirements throughout the entire AI lifecycle.

Responsible AI

The Credo AI advantage

Maximize your AI ROI.

87% of AI/ML projects never even reach the production stage. Don't let governance issues derail your AI projects. Credo AI makes it easy to track, manage, and mitigate risks throughout the development lifecycle, so your AI projects can deliver real value and you can stay ahead of the competition.

Adopt AI with speed.

Don't let slow and cumbersome assurance procedures impede your AI adoption. Credo AI accelerates governance  processes for technical stakeholders, making it quick and easy for them to access assurance requirements, generate technical evidence, and produce the necessary artifacts based on the specific needs of a given AI system.

Reduce brand risk and increase customer trust.

With our advanced AI Governance Platform, you can minimize reputational and regulatory risks while ensuring transparent and auditable AI outcomes. Build trust in your AI with your customers, regulators, and the market..

Ensure regulatory compliance

Keeping pace with ever-changing legal requirements is time-consuming. Credo AI is your AI compliance champion, saving you time and resources by staying on top of regulatory changes and trends.

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Our platform enables easy collaboration across compliance and legal teams, technical development teams, and business owners.

AI adoption is growing but governance is lagging

Responsible Al is the foundation of successful Al programs



95% of global leaders see AI governance as a priority.



9% of leaders consider their AI governance to be “fully mature.”

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Why Credo AI

A recognized and trusted industry leader

  • Recognized as 2022 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

  • Named Key Responsible AI Governance Platform by IDC

  • CEO appointed to National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC)

  • Trusted by Global 2000 customers

  • Backed by industry leading investors

  • Received SOC 2 Type II-Certification

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Tools for Transparency: What Makes a Trustworthy AI System? | MozFest 2023

In recent years, the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems have skyrocketed, leading to an urgent need for accountability and transparency in the industry. To shed light on this topic, Ehrik Aldana, Tech Policy Product Manager at Credo AI, was invited to give a lightning talk at Mozilla Fest 2023.

Vendor Risk Assessment Portal: Streamline Third-Party AI Risk Management to Build Trust and Decrease Risk

In today's competitive business landscape, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a critical component of an organization's strategy, providing an unparalleled unique selling proposition and a significant competitive edge for businesses. Whereas many companies are actively trying to adopt AI across their business, others have already established comprehensive systems to leverage its benefits.Yet, in the pursuit of accessing the most cutting-edge AI/ML solutions technology available, companies often find themselves relying on AI offerings from third-party vendors, suppliers, and cloud service providers.

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