AI-Conic Minds

Welcome to "AI-conic Minds," where we celebrate the brilliant minds making AI governance real! From innovative strategies to insightful predictions for AI, our champions shared their expertise, experiences, and visions for the AI-powered future.

We prompted. They replied.

Meet the AI Champions

John Dickerson

Co-Founder of and Chief Scientist, Arthur

Andrew Reiskind

Chief Data Officer,

Serena Oduro

Senior AI Policy Analyst, Data & Society Research Institute

Chantal Guay

Standards Council of Canada

Ilana Golbin Blumenfeld

Director of Emerging Technologies and Responsible AI Lead, PwC

Vijoy Pandey

SVP of Outshift, Cisco

Meghan Keaney Anderson

VP, Marketing, Jasper

Giovanni Leoni

Head of Business Strategy & Development, Credo AI

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