Our mission

To empower every organization in the world to create AI with the highest ethical standards.

We have pioneered a Responsible AI platform that enables context driven, comprehensive and continuous governance, oversight and accountability of AI.

Our vision

Our vision is to ensure technology is always in service to humanity. This requires technology that is compliant, fair, transparent and auditable.

Our Credo, Our Company and Our Culture

Credo means a set of values that guide your actions and was founded on the premise that technology should always be in service to humanity. Credo AI is more than just a product. We are a community of practice. We must embody the change we seek and aim to grow a team of builders and believers, a movement of customers and partners, a coalition of researchers and regulators, all working together to build technologies worthy of trust.

Making good on AI’s profound potential requires profound integrity. Those who summon the courage to lead by putting their values into action are setting standards that will bend the course of history. If that’s you, then you’re the kind of person Credo AI seeks to serve, and with whom we will strive to build an abundant, equitable future for everyone.

Careers at Credo AI

Work with us

Sales Engineer

Credo AI is seeking a highly motivated and strategic Sales Evangelist to help bolster our growth in the rapidly evolving RAI ecosystem. 

About this position

Reporting to the Director of Sales, this role is a unique opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to high-visibility, high-impact projects at a very exciting time for the company. Credo AI is an innovative, high-growth, customer-focused company in a brand-new market. If you have experience building relationships, building and managing complex enterprise SaaS sales processes and you want to continue building a winning career in a mission-driven organization, we’d love to hear from you.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my family was whatever you create should always be in service of the people and communities you are part of.  That has been and will always be part of Credo AI’s DNA.

Navrina Singh
Founder and CEO

Global Responsible AI Advisory Board

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Latest news

Tools for Transparency: What Makes a Trustworthy AI System? | MozFest 2023

In recent years, the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems have skyrocketed, leading to an urgent need for accountability and transparency in the industry. To shed light on this topic, Ehrik Aldana, Tech Policy Product Manager at Credo AI, was invited to give a lightning talk at Mozilla Fest 2023.

Vendor Risk Assessment Portal: Streamline Third-Party AI Risk Management to Build Trust and Decrease Risk

In today's competitive business landscape, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a critical component of an organization's strategy, providing an unparalleled unique selling proposition and a significant competitive edge for businesses. Whereas many companies are actively trying to adopt AI across their business, others have already established comprehensive systems to leverage its benefits.Yet, in the pursuit of accessing the most cutting-edge AI/ML solutions technology available, companies often find themselves relying on AI offerings from third-party vendors, suppliers, and cloud service providers.