Start Operationalizing the NIST AI Risk Management Framework with Policy Packs.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is developing the first standard framework for managing AI risk, the NIST AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF), to provide guidelines and best practices for managing risks related to Artificial Intelligence development and deployment. The AI RMF is voluntary and intended to help organizations address risks in designing, developing, using, and evaluating AI products, services, and systems. Make the most of this opportunity to ensure you are following the best practices to minimize your organization's AI risk exposure. 👇 Sign up today for early access to our NIST AI RMF Policy Pack!

How can Credo AI help you adopt the NIST AI RMF?

Credo AI is on a mission to empower companies to deliver Responsible AI at scale with its AI Governance Software Platform. The Platform provides a set of tools that support the assessment of models, datasets, and AI use cases against modular requirements from laws, regulations, standards, and internal organizational policies, in the form of what are known as Credo AI Policy Packs. Policy Packs can be used to ensure that an AI system is meeting requirements across Responsible AI dimensions such as performance, fairness, security, privacy, robustness and transparency. In order to get ready to adopt and build the Responsible AI posture for your organization, Credo AI’s NIST AI RMF Policy Pack provides an efficient way to get started with implementing continuous governance and accountability aligned with the AI RMF best practices across your AI/ML lifecycle.

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