Adopt the NIST AI RMF with Credo AI

As the adoption of Artificial Intelligence continues to grow at a rapid pace, organizations must take immediate action to prioritize the responsible use and development of this powerful technology. To support this endeavor, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed the NIST AI Risk Management Framework (NIST AI RMF) to guide organizations in managing and mitigating AI-related risks effectively.

Implementing the NIST AI RMF can be a complex process. 

Nonetheless, with Credo AI's Governance software, organizations can tackle the complexities of implementing the critical NIST AI RMF framework with ease. As contributors to the development of the NIST AI Risk Management Framework (NIST AI RMF) and participants at its official launch in the U.S. Department of Commerce, Credo AI has developed a comprehensive solution to help organizations adopt the framework with ease. 

Our NIST AI RMF Policy Pack provides a straightforward approach to implementing continuous governance and accountability that aligns with best AI/ML lifecycle practices. With Credo AI, you'll benefit from a seamless solution for managing the NIST AI RMF, including the ability to:

  • Track and drive the NIST AI RMF adoption across all internal teams.
  • Demonstrate compliance with customers and the market.
  • Reduce overall AI risk exposure through adherence to a best-practice risk management framework created by a standard-setting body.

Don’t let uncertainty about where to start with the NIST AI RMF hold you back. Reach out to us and simplify your adoption now!

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