The platform that makes Responsible AI a reality

Credo AI supports your product, data science, and governance teams to ensure effective governance at every step of the ML development lifecycle.

Responsible AI Use Case Dashboard

Contextual AI Risk Management

How Credo AI Works

Align on Responsible AI Governance Requirements

Credo AI provides policy recommendations based on the business and regulatory context of your AI use cases.

Assess Machine Learning Models, Datasets, & Processes

Credo AI is an intelligence layer that sits on top of your technical and business infrastructure and translates technical artifacts into risk and compliance scores.

Conduct Risk & Compliance Reviews & Audits

Automatically generate governance artifacts, reports, ML model cards, audit trails, and conduct reviews at any stage of the development lifecycle.

Assess Models, Datasets, and Processes

Integrated Technical ML Assessment Framework

Use Credo AI’s data science tools to add Responsible AI assessments to your ML development pipeline. Credo AI Lens makes it easy to integrate performance, fairness, explainability, privacy, and security assessments into your existing workflows.

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Define Responsible AI Requirements

Context-Driven AI Governance Recommendations

Credo AI helps you align on the right Responsible AI governance requirements for your AI use cases based on the business and regulatory context. Ensure that you’re measuring the right metrics for effective risk and compliance management.

Collaborate Across Teams

Multi-Stakeholder AI Governance Workflows

Manage the governance process across data science, business, and oversight teams with collaboration tools, reviews, and attestation flows. Credo AI allows you to track governance accountability across the ML development lifecycle.

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Ensure Regulatory Relevance

Credo AI Policy Center

Credo AI comes with out-of-the-box and customizable Policy Packs and Assessment Templates that help you keep up with emerging regulations and standardize governance across your organization.

Gain Visibility Into AI Risk

AI Risk Translation Engine

Credo AI automatically translates technical assessments and process evidence from your ML development tools into risk and compliance scores, and then generates artifacts for diverse stakeholders, such as dashboards, model cards, and audit trails.

Integrate Into Your Stack

Integrations with your MLOps infrastructure and business tools

Credo AI is built to sit on top of your existing MLOps, GRC, and business infrastructure and automatically extracts relevant evidence for governance. Reduce the manual effort involved in generating governance artifacts for review with seamless integrations.

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