A platform for every stage of your Responsible Al journey

Whether you're just getting started or have been building out your Responsible AI processes for years, Credo Al has tools and offerings for every level of Responsible Al maturity.

Responsible AI product offerings

Enterprise solutions for Al governance

Baselining & Gap Analysis

Assess AI use cases, ML models, and datasets against Responsible AI requirements, and generate a variety of different reports and other governance artifacts for review and attestation.


Integrations to support continuous compliance assessment and alerting at every stage of the ML lifecycle, through design, development, and deployment.

Proactive Risk

Manage risk mitigation workflows and power enterprise risk dashboards with integrations into your existing GRC infrastructure.

Define responsible AI requirements

Context-driven AI governance

Credo Al helps you align on the right Responsible Al governance
requirements for your Al use cases.

Credo AI Policy Center

Credo AI comes with out-of-the-box and customizable Policy Packs and Assessment Templates that help you keep up with emerging regulations and standardize governance across your organization.

Multi-stakeholder collaboration

Manage the governance process across data science, business, and oversight teams with collaboration tools, reviews, and attestation flows.

Integrations with your
MLOps and GRC tools

Credo Al is built to sit on top of your existing technical MLOps infrastructure. Credo Al also integrates with your GRC tools and processes, becoming the Al risk engine that feeds into your existing business risk dashboards.

Integrated Technical ML Assessment Framework

Automatically translate technical and process evidence from your ML development tools into risk and compliance scores. Generate risk and compliance reports, dashboards, model cards, audit trails, and more.


Requirements in your dev environment

Credo AI Lens brings governance requirements like policies and assessment plans to where your AI systems are built.

Automated Responsible AI assessments

Lens simplifies comprehensive assessment of models and datasets, and can be integrated into automated CI/CD pipelines.

Instantaneous reporting to your compliance team

RAI assessment results are easily sent to the Credo AI governance platform, where they are translated for easy review by your compliance team.

Responsible AI Assessments

  • Your models and data never leave your environment.
  • Lens is flexible to how you already work.
  • Lens only sends evidence to our platform, not your model or data.
  • Lens optionally runs in data science notebooks and/or in your CI/CD pipeline.
Assessment Framework
RAI Modules

Fairness, Performance, Security, Privacy


Python library, Open-source

RAI Integrations

Ex. Microsoft RAI Toolbox, IBM Fairness 360


Notebooks, CI/CD Pipeline

Customer Infrastructure
RAI Modules
ai/ml models
Customer Infrastructure
AI Use Case
Operationalizing Responsible AI

Responsible Al is aligned with
human-centered values

Responsible AI (RAI)

RAI is focused on reducing the unintended consequences of AI by ensuring that the system's intent and use is aligned with the norms and values of the users it aims to serve.

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Responsible Al a reality