Vendor Risk Assessment Portal: Streamline Third-Party AI Risk Management to Build Trust and Decrease Risk

In today's competitive business landscape, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a critical component of an organization's strategy, providing an unparalleled unique selling proposition and a significant competitive edge for businesses. Whereas many companies are actively trying to adopt AI across their business, others have already established comprehensive systems to leverage its benefits.Yet, in the pursuit of accessing the most cutting-edge AI/ML solutions technology available, companies often find themselves relying on AI offerings from third-party vendors, suppliers, and cloud service providers.

Credo AI Lens™: the ultimate open-source framework for Responsible AI assessments

While ML capabilities have developed at a staggering pace, guidelines and processes to mitigate ML risks have lagged behind. That’s where AI Governance comes in, which defines the policies and processes needed to safeguard AI systems. While there are many components to successfully operationalize the responsible development of AI systems, a chief need is assessing AI systems to evaluate whether they behave adequately for their intended purpose. This assessment challenge is central to Credo AI’s efforts to develop AI Governance tools. In this blog, we introduce Credo AI Lens, our open-source assessment framework built to support the assessment needs of your AI Governance process.

Credo AI Product Update: Build Trust in Your AI with New Transparency Reports & Disclosures

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of a major update to the Responsible AI Platform focused on Responsible AI transparency reports and disclosures. These new capabilities are designed to help companies standardize and streamline the assessment of their AI/ML systems for Responsible AI issues like fairness and bias, explainability, robustness, security, and privacy, and automatically produce relevant reports and disclosures to meet new organizational, regulatory and legal requirements and customer demands for transparency.

Credo AI Announces the World's First Responsible AI Governance Platform

Responsible AI is essential for ensuring that organizations build stakeholder trust in their use of AI. Today we are announcing the availability of the world’s first context-driven Responsible AI Governance Platform – one that meets an organization wherever it is in its AI governance journey.

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