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Beyond Compliance: An HR Tech Startup’s Journey to Trust and Transparency


The Need for AI Governance

In December 2021, the New York City Council passed Local Law No. 144 (LL-144), mandating that AI and algorithm-based technologies for recruiting, hiring, or promotion be audited for bias before being used. The law, reflecting a growing trend of regulation around Automated Employment Decision Tools, stipulates steep penalties for non-compliance.

AdeptID is leading the way in fair AI-powered hiring

Navigating the complexities of LL-144, however, poses significant challenges for companies seeking to adapt. AdeptID, a pioneer of AI-powered talent-matching software, faced this very dilemma. The company, committed to fair and transparent AI practices, urgently needed to ensure its continuous compliance with LL-144 to avoid legal consequences and boost customer trust.


AdeptID runs bias assessments of their data and models

AdeptID’s quest for compliance and trust led them to Credo AI, a leader in Responsible AI Governance. Leveraging Credo AI’s Responsible AI Governance Platform, AdeptID found a comprehensive solution to address LL-144 and other emerging AI regulations. This platform offers a robust framework for AI system governance, enabling AdeptID to conduct technical assessments of their data and models, generate Compliance Reports, and implement human-in-the-loop reviews.

Streamlined AI compliance

Crucially, the Platform provides a Policy Pack for LL-144 that encodes the law’s principles into actionable requirements. A Policy Pack describes a modular element in the Platform that articulates governance requirements (such as laws, regulations, standards, and internal organization policies) to assess your AI system. The third-party review conducted by Credo AI added a layer of reliability and credibility to AdeptID’s compliance efforts.


Adherence to New York’s pioneering AI hiring law

By using the Platform to perform bias assessments and engage in third-party reviews, AdeptID confidently met LL-144’s stringent requirements and boosted customer trust. This process involved a context-based approach, translating principles into practice, quantitative assessments, transparency reporting, and continuous governance, ensuring AdeptID remained up-to-date with regulatory changes.

As a result, AdeptID not only complied with LL-144 but also enhanced its reputation as a leader in responsible AI deployment in HR and talent applications. This commitment to responsible AI practices has set AdeptID apart in its industry, showcasing a model for others to emulate.

Using the Credo AI platform, AdeptID confidently:

Complies with New York’s pioneering AI hiring lawImplemented technical assessments of their data and models, Compliance Reports, and human-in-the-loop reviewsDemonstrates Responsible AI to customers and regulatorsAchieved 100% governance to LL-144 Policy Pack in 2 months, 3x faster and cheaper than the standard method using consulting

“We started AdeptID because we see huge potential for AI to identify hidden talent, and help millions find better jobs, faster. HR and Talent applications need more AI, not less. But the AI has to be built and used responsibly - not just once a year but continuously. In Credo AI, we've found kindred spirits who believe AI can be used for good if it's used responsibly.”

Fernando Rodriguez-Villa
CEO of AdeptID