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AI Registry: The First Step in Your AI Governance Journey

Today we at Credo AI are thrilled to announce the general availability of AI Registry, a new offering that provides a starting point for organizations looking to adopt AI governance.

July 27, 2023
Susannah Shattuck
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New AI technologies are permeating every level of the modern enterprise. Stakeholders across AI, privacy, data science, and business are struggling with the mandate to both adopt these new technologies, yet mitigate unknown risks. Many of our prospects and customers are asking: 

  • How do we begin to govern AI?
  • How can we gain visibility into AI projects being run in our company?
  • How can we understand the risk of AI projects being developed?

The answer to all of these questions, according to many best practices frameworks and regulatory guidelines, such as the  EU AI Act, NIST AI Risk Management Framework, and ISO, is, to begin with a registry or ledger to gain oversight of AI initiatives within your company.

Today we at Credo AI are thrilled to announce the general availability of AI Registry, a new offering that provides a starting point for organizations looking to adopt AI governance.

What is an AI Registry?

Essentially, an AI Registry is a centralized database or ledger that allows organizations to gain comprehensive oversight of all AI initiatives undertaken within the company. By maintaining an AI registry, companies can track and manage AI projects effectively, identify project ownership, and ascertain the individuals responsible for reporting on their outcomes, be it success or failure. 

This systematic approach helps enhance transparency, accountability, and visibility, making it easier for businesses to navigate the rapidly expanding AI landscape with confidence and compliance. And, with the latent need in the market for increased centralization and explainability, today, we are thrilled to announce a significant feature of our AI Governance Platform.

Where AI Governance Begins.

Imagine having a centralized library for all your AI projects, where you can quickly sort projects by value or impact and risk to your business. 

Our AI Registry is precisely that: a library storing all your ML models and AI systems in one place, providing top-down visibility into the risk and impact of your AI systems and enabling you to track, prioritize, and communicate the value of each AI use case between teams and stakeholders, and executives. 

The AI Custodian

Credo AI’s AI Registry provides a command center for a new role that is emerging in cutting-edge organizations: the AI custodian

With great power comes great responsibility, and the recent explosion of AI tools will fundamentally change the way businesses operate. In 2023, many organizations and individuals have met novel stumbling blocks presented by unknown outcomes of generative AI or emerging regulation.

The AI custodian is a technical overseer of AI initiatives at an organization. Their mission is to deploy AI responsible for making sure AI systems are entered into an internal AI system inventory with accompanying information related to its source, usage, and basic technical details.

Needless to say, a registry is a critical component for the AI custodian, as it facilitates governance and oversight of artificial intelligence.

We've already hinted at the many benefits that come with a centralized repository for AI projects, but here are three others worth exploring.

The 3 Immediate Benefits From The AI Registry. 

#1: Track and prioritize AI adoption efficiently and effectively to increase the ROI of AI.

Quickly filter or sort by the most valuable AI Use Cases.

AI adoption is a top priority in the enterprise; however, most enterprises don’t have any kind of centralized visibility into or management of AI adoption for business and governance stakeholders. 

As a result, AI adoption is often fragmented, and many projects fail to get off the ground due to a lack of stakeholder participation and buy-in.

Our AI Registry provides you with a centralized source of truth for tracking AI/ML products in development or uses across the enterprise, so you can quickly see where and how AI is being used, by which teams, and in which products or offerings. With the AI Registry, you can ensure that relevant stakeholders have full visibility into all AI/ML projects, giving them a much higher chance of success—and a greater ROI.

  • Easily capture relevant metadata about where and how an AI system is used in your business.
  • Integrate with MLFlow to ensure that all ML models in development or production across your enterprise are visible to business and governance teams in your AI Registry;
  • Simple registration flow for AI systems (products, applications, or offerings using AI/ML).

#2: Surface AI business risks for more effective and efficient AI risk management. 

Quickly scan for value and risk impacts.

Executives and business stakeholders have little-to-no visibility into AI risk, resulting in AI adoption decisions without considering risk or compliance issues. This often results in projects getting shut down by risk/compliance teams after significant investment has already been made, which is a massive waste of organizational resources. 

As these projects often involve significant initial costs, AI Governance Leads need to have access to tools that provide visibility and facilitate effective management and mitigation of potential risks that could fail. 

Our AI Registry can assist organizations in identifying potential risks across their AI projects, thereby supporting AI governance leads in proactively surfacing and mitigating these risks through our risk recommendation system. 

Credo AI Policy Intelligence automatically evaluates metadata about your use cases to identify and suggest potential risks and business impacts. And, to translate insights into action, our AI Registry can also suggest relevant Policy Packs recommendations for your specific use cases to mitigate those risks. 

  • Credo AI translates metadata about where and how your AI systems are being deployed into suggested risk scenarios and business impacts;
  • AI governance leads, risk and compliance leads, and privacy leads can review and accept or fine-tune out-of-the-box risk suggestions;
  • Generate dashboards you can share with executives to review AI risk and business impact across the enterprise.

#3: Meet emerging regulatory requirements:

Filter the AI Registry by Policy Pack

Currently, many emerging regulations increasingly require organizations to maintain and, in some cases, make public or provide regulators with an AI Registry or a list of different AI use cases. The EU Act serves as just one example of this trend. Organizations need a centralized, consolidated list of all the different ways they use AI if they want to be compliant.

  • The AI Registry is your centralized register for all AI/ML applications in use or development across your business.
  • The AI Registry has been developed in close collaboration with the policy ecosystem to meet emerging and current requirements for AI/ML reporting and disclosure.

Now is the Time for AI Governance. 

Whether you already have an AI Governance program in place or are just getting started, the first step is to gain visibility into where AI is being used and applied across your business. Our AI Registry provides you with that visibility by making it easy for product owners and data scientists to maintain information about the AI systems they’re building or buying. It also translates visibility into action with insights about risk and recommendations for Policy Packs to mitigate those risks. 

Start your AI Governance journey today; request a demo for the AI Registry today!

DISCLAIMER. The information we provide here is for informational purposes only and is not intended in any way to represent legal advice or a legal opinion that you can rely on. It is your sole responsibility to consult an attorney to resolve any legal issues related to this information.