Introducing the New AI Registry: Your Control Center for AI Adoption

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant update to our AI Governance Platform. Say hello to our new AI Registry—your one-stop shop for managing the ROI of AI for your enterprise.  

Imagine having a centralized library for all your AI projects, where you can easily sort projects by value or impact and risk to your business. 

Our AI Registry is precisely that: a library storing all your ML models and AI systems in one place, providing top-down visibility into the risk and impact of your AI systems, and enabling you to track, prioritize, and communicate the value of each AI use case between teams and stakeholders, and executives. 

Here are Three Immediate Benefits From Our AI Registry:
1️⃣  Track and prioritize AI adoption efficiently and effectively to increase the ROI of AI.
2️⃣ Surface AI business risks for more effective and efficient AI risk management.
3️⃣ Meet emerging regulatory requirements.

👉 Start your AI Governance journey today; request a demo for the AI Registry today!

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