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Credo AI is the intelligence layer for AI projects across your organization. Track, assess, report, and manage AI systems you build, buy, or use to ensure they are effective, compliant, and safe. dashboard interface

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Recognized by Madrona Ventures, Pitchbook and Goldman Sachs as a 2022 Intelligent Applications Top 40 winner for our work in Responsible AI. Learn more about the award and see a full list of recipients here.
the responsible ai governance platform

Translating policy and standards to code

The heart of our Responsible AI Governance Platform is our Policy Intelligence Engine, merging deep technical understanding of AI risks with comprehensive policy and regulatory expertise. Credo AI translates high-level policy requirements into actionable controls for technical teams.


Build AI you can trust

Credo AI's Responsible AI platform enables AI governance that keeps every AI project responsible, compliant, and aligned with business goals.

Keep humans in control of AI

As AI becomes embedded across roles and departments, enterprises need AI governance that unites stakeholders and grants seamless oversight. Manage the governance process  with collaboration tools, reviews, and attestation flows.

Track governance accountability across the ML development lifecycle.

Simplify the procurement process of 3rd party AI systems.

Gain visibility into ungoverned models. 

Evaluate risks and business impact of your AI systems.

Comply with regulations and standards

The modern AI ecosystem is rapidly developing — Credo AI’s Policy Intelligence future-proofs enterprises as it does. Ensure continuous alignment of AI projects with the latest global regulations, internal policies, and industry standards with our ready-to-use policy packs.

Adopt industry standards such as the NIST AI Risk Management Framework and ISO standards.

Implement the necessary measures to comply with the EU AI Act, NYC Local Law No. 144, and other existing and emerging regulations.

Create custom policy packs to maintain AI alignment with internal standards.

Understand and mitigate AI risk

With great power comes great risk. Evaluate your AI systems against business, regulatory, and responsible requirements at every stage of development, deployment, and use to avoid the many emerging pitfalls of powerful AI systems.

Assess AI for bias, explainability, robustness, security, and performance.

Protect your brand from reputational risks and future-proof your organization from AI risk.

Implement risk-mitigating guardrails for Generative AI.

Generate governance artifacts

Build trust with your users, board, customers, and regulators who demand to see proof that your AI/ML systems are well-governed.

Automatically generate model cards, AI impact assessments, AI audit reports, risk & compliance reports, and disclosures.

Maintain a transparent paper trail via robust audit and workflow functionality.

Translate technical evidence into user-friendly artifacts for all of your different stakeholders.  

Build trust with your customers and stakeholders.


Streamline your governance efforts

Manage all of your AI systems, machine learning models, people, and processes in our Responsible AI Governance Platform

Register AI systems & identify risks

Track the AI you are building, buying, and using in a centralized source of truth, and see relevant risk recommendations based on where and how each AI system will be used.

Apply risk-mitigating controls

Define risk-mitigating requirements for each AI system based on deployment context — like laws, regulations, standards, and best practices.

Gather & evaluate evidence

Check whether controls are being met based on evidence pulled from your technical AI infrastructure, including technical assessments, documentation, and attestations.

Define mitigations

If the AI System isn’t meeting all of your requirements, define and assign mitigations to relevant stakeholders.

Monitor ongoing compliance

Track changes to laws and regulations or to your AI system, and continuously check for compliance. Generate audit-ready artifacts for stakeholders.


Global solutions for any use case, and for any organization

Machine Learning and Generative AI are advancing rapidly, and we're keeping up with the pace. Whether you're just starting with governance or paving the way, we have a solution for you.

The benefits speak for themselves

Compliance, Risk, Legal, and Privacy Officers

Meet regulatory requirements for transparency reporting and disclosures.

Standardize RAI assessment and governance artifacts organization-wide.

Ensure AI use cases comply with internal and external requirements at scale.

Ensure governance artifacts are auditable and stakeholders are accountable.

AI Leaders & Data Science Teams

Proactively mitigate risks associated with AI and ML systems not meeting governance requirements.

Improve automation in AI/ML development lifecycle for governance.

Automatically generate governance artifacts - no governance overhead.

Business Leaders & AI Product Owners 

Increase ROI of AI efforts through governance and reduce business risks.

Meet customers' requests for AI transparency during sales cycles.

Future-proof generative AI projects from developing regulations and risks.

Protect against risks of generative AI, such as IP leakage or misuse of PII.

Latest resources

Explore curated content on AI governance and responsible AI, including the latest regulations, standards, and risks in AI and Generative AI.

Adopt AI with confidence today

The Responsible AI Governance Platform enables AI, data, or business teams to track, prioritize, and control AI projects to ensure AI remains profitable, compliant, and safe.