Responsible AI solutions for every use case

The AI Governance Platform can help you maximize the benefits and minimize risks of AI across a variety of different applications with out-of-the-box support for common AI use cases.

Generative AI

Content Creation
software development support
Chatbots & Personalization

Harness the power of genAI while mitigating risk

ChatGPT and other large language models have taken the world by storm, but many organizations are hesitant to utilize this potent new technology without adequate safeguards in place. Credo AI's GenAI Guardrails capabilities equip organizations with the necessary tools to confidently adopt this incredible technology while effectively mitigating its risks and responsibly managing its use.

Financial Services

Fraud Detection
Portfolio Optimization
Credit Risk Prediction
+ more

Manage AI compliance

Empower your teams to tackle critical business problems with confidence using the latest AI technologies. Credo AI supports financial services clients across various use cases, from credit risk to fraud prediction. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing model risk management tools, providing AI-specific risk intelligence to effectively manage business risks, regulatory compliance, and customer trust.


Fraud Detection
Risk Scoring
+ more

Ensure AI fairness

The insurance industry is facing growing pressure from regulations and customer concerns to demonstrate responsible AI development and usage. Whether complying with Colorado SB21-169 or showcasing fair risk prediction systems, the Responsible AI Platform can help maximize your organization's AI ROI while minimizing business risks.

HR Technology

Resume Screening
Candidate Discovery
Employee Chatbots
+ more

Eliminate harmful AI bias

Automated hiring and employment tools have revolutionized enterprise HR, but they can also create significant challenges if legal and reputational risks are not properly managed. The Responsible AI Platform equips HR and compliance teams with the necessary tools to align vendor solutions with business, regulatory, and values-based requirements, allowing for the full benefits of AI-powered HR tools.


Image Analysis
Diagnostic Support
Document Processing
+ more

Improve patient outcomes

To comply with new regulatory requirements affecting the insurance industry, such as Colorado SB21-169 and the upcoming EU AI Act, Credo AI simplifies the process of evaluating your AI systems for harmful biases. Our platform helps build trust with internal and external stakeholders by providing clear reports and disclosures.

Government & Defense

Object Detection
Document Processing
Decision Support
+ more

Build trust in AI

The public sector is creating some of the most robust safeguards against the misuse of AI, such as the Department of Defense’s Responsible AI Principles and the Government Accountability Office’s AI accountability framework. Credo AI assists public sector agencies and their vendors in ensuring that AI/ML systems comply with all relevant policies, standards, and regulations, thereby promoting trust and transparency in government AI use. If you would like to learn more about our AI governance solutions for the private sector, request a demo here.

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