Ian Eisenberg

Head of Data Science

Machine Learning Engineer & Cognitive Neuroscientist


Ian Eisenberg

My career is focused on system-level interventions to improve our communal success. My current focus is on the promise and pitfalls of AI. To that end, I help organizations build safer AI as a member of CredoAI.

Prior, I lead efforts to optimize Triplebyte's software engineer hiring marketplace. Software engineers are one of the most powerful classes of workers today, with immense consequence for the products we build and the way we distribute the fruits of technology. We strived to create understandable, equitable system that empower all engineers on our platform.

As an academic, I worked as a cognitive neuroscientist, performing research at Stanford, the NIH, Brown, and Columbia. Initially investigating decision making, my PhD later focused on meta-scientific questions involving the synthesis and distillation of large bodies of psychological research findings. My research has been published in journals such as Nature Communications, PNAS, and Brain and Behavioral Sciences.

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