The Influencer Playbook: Your step-by-step guide to Responsible AI

😎 Are you an Influencer looking to promote Responsible AI practices within your organization? You've come to the right place!

Our Influencer Playbook is tailored specifically to your role, providing practical guidance on what you can do to successfully promote RAI within your organization. As an Influencer, your main responsibility is to influence the direction of your organization's AI adoption to align with external expectations. Our playbook covers everything from consistent evaluations of the external impact of RAI efforts to the integration of ethical analysis into AI assessment processes.

With a focus on your strengths as an Influencer, we will guide you through specific actions you can take at each level of organization RAI maturity so you can make a meaningful impact in your role and show you how to interact with other Responsible AI personas.

✅ Take the first step towards empowering your responsible AI journey as an Influencer. Download our Playbook now!

This Persona Playbook is part of our Responsible AI Change Management series, designed to help organizations navigate their unique Responsible AI journey. To discover your specific Responsible AI Persona, we invite you to download our first playbook and identify your organization's Responsible AI maturity level and persona.

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