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Introducing AI Trust Reports: Building Trust, One Report at a Time

Introducing AI Trust Reports!

November 27, 2023
Susannah Shattuck
Catharina Doria

Many of our enterprise customers ask us: which generative AI tools can we trust? Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy question to answer. 

The market has become crowded with generative AI startups, and new apps and products are coming out on a weekly or even daily basis. The OpenAI GPT Store stands to flood the market with generative AI agents. The potential of these tools to transform the way we work is incredible, and, at the same time, these tools pose significant new risks—from IP leakage to copyright infringement risks to hallucinations to adversarial attacks; generative AI systems present novel challenges to the enterprise. 

From one side, we have organizations wondering how—or even if—they can adopt generative AI quickly, safely, and responsibly. They don’t know what questions to ask their AI vendors and don’t know how to evaluate their vendors’ answers to get a full understanding of potential risks.

On the other, we have generative AI vendors facing challenges when it comes to effectively selling into the enterprise; they’re struggling to build trust quickly with prospective customers, leading to long, slow sales cycles. And, without confidence and trust, enterprise AI adoption is going to continue to progress at a snail’s pace—which isn’t good for anyone, enterprise or generative AI vendors alike. 

Based on our unique position in the market as providers of governance software for vendors and enterprises alike and our motto of “make Responsible AI real(the core theme of our Responsible AI Governance Summit 2023), we’ve developed something that we believe will help to address this challenge (and were excited to announce at Bloomberg TV earlier this month!): AI Trust Reports!

AI Trust Reports are standardized artifacts that generative AI vendors can use to address their enterprise customers’ most pressing questions. Building on the Generative AI vendor risk profiles that we created earlier this year and based on our work with enterprise procurement teams, we’ve created an AI Trust Report template that helps generative AI vendors address critical enterprise concerns across:

  • Data privacy;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Robustness; 
  • Ethical risks

The great news? We’re helping generative AI vendors generate these AI Trust Reports to give them a clear starting point to communicate their Responsible AI posture to their customers. 

We believe that AI Trust Reports will help generative AI vendors sell into enterprises more effectively and that these Trust Reports will help enterprises feel more confident in adopting powerful new generative AI tools and applications. Making responsible AI real is an endeavor that cannot wait any more, and Trust Reports supports both sides of the same coin—enterprises and vendors—to build and buy generative AI that is safe, reliable, and secure.  

We’re working on tackling what we see as the biggest new challenge in AI governance: building trust across the AI supply chain between model providers, application providers, and end users. AI Trust Reports are one step towards fostering an ecosystem of trust and transparency that we believe is essential to promoting the safe and responsible adoption of AI.

If you’re a generative AI application provider, you can begin generating your own AI Trust Report here:!

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