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Introducing AI-conic Minds: Celebrating the Remarkable Champions in AI Governance

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April 11, 2024
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Catharina Doria

In 2023, AI governance moved from talk to action, becoming a central pillar of AI adoption. Organizations such as Mastercard, Cisco, and Booz Allen Hamilton—among hundreds of others worldwide—have paved the way by proactively creating strategies to embrace AI confidently, ensuring adherence to industry standards and ongoing compliance with AI regulations.

But behind every leading organization trailblazing what good AI means —from startups to the Global 500—stands AI champions, making AI governance, risk management, and compliance a reality. 

👋 Introducing AI-conic Minds!

About AI-conic Minds

Since our founding, Credo AI has steadfastly pursued its mission to transform Responsible AI from an ambition into a reality.  For years, we have guided organizations worldwide in implementing successful AI governance strategies and worked to shape the AI ecosystem to safeguard humanity while securing innovation. 

After working with numerous organizations and skilled individuals and uniting the most renowned AI leaders in the world at our Responsible AI Leadership Summit in 2023, we knew it was time to shine a spotlight on the fierce leaders making responsible AI real. 

AI-conic Minds is all about celebrating the AI champions working every day with boots on the ground and fostering a knowledge-sharing community to ensure artificial intelligence is compliant, secure, auditable, fair, and human-centered! 

AI governance is a critical endeavor that we must pursue as an ecosystem. It requires a collective race to the top to share best practices, insights, and tried-and-tested methods. And what better way to start this than by inviting the most prominent names in AI to share their own insights?

After carefully selecting each AI-conic Mind, we asked them three critical questions that provide clear actionability for any individual or organization wanting to learn, start, or scale their governance efforts:

  1. What AI governance initiatives is your organization prioritizing?
  2. What is valuable advice to companies starting their responsible AI journey?
  3. What are your top predictions for a responsible AI landscape?

All of their insightful answers are available here. We invite you and your organization to draw inspiration from their insights and learn from their wins! 

About the Multifaceted Roles of AI Champions

You will quickly realize that our AI-conic minds have different roles, come from diverse backgrounds, and work for a myriad of industries of various sizes. 

The reason is simple: AI is everywhere within an organization. 

Hence, to keep AI in check, collaboration between various stakeholders with different domains of expertise, such as data science, policy, security, innovation, research, and more, is critical. Below are a few of the most common roles and responsibilities AI champions may have:

  • Executives, including CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, Chief Data Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, and Chief AI Officers, provide strategic direction and leadership and are increasingly responsible for AI systems' successes and failures.
  • Data Privacy Officers ensure compliance with data protection regulations and manage the privacy policies within an organization, ensuring appropriate use of PII.
  • Information Security Officers are responsible for safeguarding an organization's information assets and implementing security measures to protect against cyber threats.
  • Innovation and digital Transformation Leaders modernize the business and explore new technologies to unlock efficiency and growth. Therefore, they are tasked with scouting, studying, and acquiring novel AI systems.
  • Data Scientists and AI/ML Engineers analyze complex datasets to extract insights and inform decision-making processes. They are also responsible for developing and deploying internal AI systems.

  • AI Governance Custodians develop and manage the workflows to ensure AI is aligned with companies' policies, external regulations, and business success. Unite AI stakeholders and report on an overview of AI systems and risks.
  • Legal & Compliance professionals ensure AI complies with laws and ethical standards, addressing privacy, IP, and liability risks. Develop policies and frameworks for AI transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Granted, these roles can overlap in the title or work scope, but they all are focused on ensuring companies can adopt, buy, build, or procure Artificial Intelligence that can be trusted. (To read our Responsible AI Change Management Playbook specific to each role, click here!)

Making it real - one step at a time! 

As we venture into the ever-changing world of AI, these AI champions will continue to play a crucial role in ensuring ethical and responsible AI practices. Their ideas, actions, and predictions offer valuable direction for organizations and leaders as they navigate the intricacies of AI governance.

AI governance is a group effort, and we at Credo AI look forward to continuing our work to help the ecosystem thrive! 

If you are working to make AI better for humanity, consider emailing us at We will review and carefully select new AI-conic Minds on a rolling basis!

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