Credo AI Announces the World's First Responsible AI Governance Platform

Navrina Singh
Founder & CEO
April 26, 2022
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Credo AI - The World's First Context Driven Responsible ai Governance Platform
Today Marks a Major Step Forward in Responsible AI Governance.

Responsible AI is essential for ensuring that organizations build stakeholder trust in their use of AI. But to date, most AI governance initiatives have been inadequate in achieving that goal. They are manual processes, unscalable, expensive and – ultimately – incapable of providing the oversight needed to prevent AI from behaving in unintended ways. 

That’s changing, however. 

I’m proud to reveal that Credo AI is today announcing the availability of the world’s first context-driven Responsible AI Governance Platform – one that meets an organization wherever it is in its AI governance journey (official press release here). It is the result years of R&D by our extraordinary team, who are creating accountability structures throughout the lifecycle of AI development and implementation. And in doing so, we are enabling organizations to deploy AI systems faster and cost-effectively, while appropriately and comprehensively managing risk exposure. Importantly, our Responsible AI Governance Platform is complemented by Credo Lens, our open source assessment framework that makes comprehensive Responsible AI assessment more structured and interpretable for any organization (Read all about our decision to open-source Credo Lens here). 

Time is of the essence to ensure Responsible AI governance is in place. 

AI is growing at an exponential pace, and governance  cannot be an afterthought– or we’ll never fully deliver on the promise of AI. According to analyst firm IDC in their recent vendor profile of Credo AI, the AI industry is growing dramatically. In 2022, IDC predicts enterprises will invest about $113 billion on AI solutions; that figure is expected to double by 2025.  

Given this rapid pace of development,  companies that display an AI ethics-first approach have the opportunity to be recognized as leaders in this AI revolution. Establishing a foundation of oversight and accountability across every aspect of the AI lifecycle could be a true competitive differentiator, positioning them to be attractive partners for doing business as Responsible AI becomes inculcated into the technology landscape.,. And that’s where Credo AI can help.

Our Responsible AI Governance Platform supports many essential features, such as enabling seamless Responsible AI assessment integrations that are automatically translated into risk scores across identified AI risk areas such as fairness, performance, privacy and security. Plus, it offers out-of-the-box regulatory readiness with guardrails that operationalize industry standards, as well existing and upcoming regulations. And as we know, more government regulations for AI are coming; the days of self-governance are rapidly coming to an end. 

The goal of Credo AI is to empower organizations to create AI with the highest ethical standards, thus delivering responsible AI at scale.

By offering a single platform for managing compliance and risks of AI deployment, Credo AI is providing real-time, context driven, continuous and comprehensive governance of AI.

To date, Credo AI is working with dozens of companies – in such industries as finance, technology, insurance and government – to create AI governance platforms that provide multiple layers of trust so they can leverage AI to achieve positive business outcomes. 

Today’s launch of our Responsible AI Governance Platform, powered by Credo AI Lens, is a milestone-worthy step in that direction. I hope you’ll reach out to me and our team for more information on how Credo AI is bringing oversight and accountability to artificial intelligence or request a demo of Credo AI

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