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Powering fast and safe AI adoption for every aspect of your business.


Everything you need to start or scale your AI governance efforts.

The Responsible AI Governance Platform

Your control center for governance, AI risk management, and compliance

Streamline fast and safe AI adoption across your business with our AI governance platform.

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AI Auditing

Build Trust in Your AI Systems

Ensure the integrity and fairness of your AI/ML applications with our comprehensive AI Audit service.

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AI Governance Academy

Learn with the Experts

Empower yourself and your team to start and scale AI governance in your company through our expert-led workshops.

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Adopt AI with confidence

AI stakeholders have the dual mandate to adopt AI quickly—yet safely.
Credo AI simplifies and streamlines AI governance tasks, making it easier to implement and maintain the right guardrails.

Keep Humans in Control of AI

Manage the governance process of your AI systems with collaboration tools, reviews, and attestation flows.

Auto-gather evidence of your AI systems

Track accountability across the ML development lifecycle

Simplify the procurement process of 3rd party AI systems

Ensure AI Risk Management

Evaluate your AI systems against operational, regulatory, and reputational risks at every stage of development and deployment. 

Build Governance Artifacts

Build trust with your users, board, customers, and regulators who demand to see proof that your AI/ML systems are well-governed. 

Translate technical evidence into user-friendly documents

Create model cardsAI audit reports, risk & compliance reports, and disclosures

Communicate AI system information

Comply with Regulations and Standards

Ensure continuous alignment of AI projects with the latest global regulations, internal policies, and industry standards. 

AI Compliance
NYC Law No. 144
Colorado Law SB21-169
Standards & Guidelines
EEOC Technical
Assistance on ADA & AI
DIU Responsible
AI Guidelines
SR 11-7
Industry Best Practices
The Data & Trust Alliance

Why Credo AI

Credo AI has the market's most up-to-date and comprehensive governance and compliance software.

Enterprise-grade AI Governance Platform

Credo AI is the only AI governance, risk management, and compliance platform both tailored to and informed by the modern AI-powered enterprise.


Credo AI is a trusted partner for global policymakers, regulators, and standard setters.

Trusted By The Experts

Credo AI has been mentioned +25 in analyst reports as a leading AI Governance Platform.

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Global solutions for any use case and any organization

Whether you're just starting with governance or paving the way, we have a solution for you.


Advancing responsible AI—together

Credo AI is collaborating with partners in the business and policy ecosystem to advance the widespread adoption of Responsible AI (RAI). 

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Adopt AI with confidence today

The Responsible AI Governance Platform enables AI, data, or business teams to track, prioritize, and control AI projects to ensure AI remains profitable, compliant, and safe.

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Explore curated content on AI governance and responsible AI, including the latest regulations, standards, and risks in AI and Generative AI.

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