Building an Inclusive Responsible AI Movement

Renée Cummings, AI Ethicist, Criminologist & Data Activist in Residence at University of Virginia, Dr. Margaret Mitchell, Researcher and Chief Ethics Scientist, Hugging Face, Navrina Singh, Founder & CEO, Credo AI

When artificial intelligence isn’t built with inclusivity and diverse narratives in mind, it gives harmful AI bias the opportunity to thrive and disrupt people’s lives – especially for those in marginalized groups. It’s crucial that those involved in AI’s technical development, public debate and policy – whether they are programmers, politicians, entrepreneurs or citizens – reflect different facets of society to ensure that this technology is justice-informed and will work in service of all of humanity, no matter social, economic or political standing. Join leading AI ethicists on how they inspire the creation of diverse AI communities and how inclusivity in AI will move the responsible AI movement forward.