Mitigate AI Risk in Financial Services
with AI Governance

AI in finance is quickly reshaping the way banks and financial institutions do business. From credit remediation to fraud detection, AI is an essential tool for the real-time analysis and decision making needed to win in finance.

Moreover, many banks are weaving AI into their flagship products — or selling standalone algorithms and software.

In this tightly regulated sector with profound implications for individuals, AI introduces novel risks and may inadvertently replicate past errors, underscoring the importance of ensuring compliance with financial regulations and standards.

Operationalize Responsible AI to streamline AI adoption

AI in finance is quickly reshaping the way banks and financial institutions do business. AI risk management for finance means applying guardrails to sensitive processes like credit remediation, fraud detection, and market basket analysis. AI can miss risky customers, while denying coverage to protected groups — so AI guardrails for financial services is critical.

AI Governance Risk and Compliance platform

Understand AI risk level across AI use cases for finance

AI Risk for Finance ranges from: Credit Remediation; Credit Risk Scoring; Fraud Detection; Financial Forecasting.

Risk 1 mortgage

High risk customers wrongly classified as credit worthy

Risk 2 bias

Unwanted model bias or unrepresentative training data

Risk 3 protected class

Refusing credit to protected groups

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Credo AI's AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance platform enables AI, data, or business teams to track, prioritize, and control AI projects to ensure AI remains profitable, compliant, and safe.