RAI Parent Playbook: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Responsible AI‎

Are you looking for a practical guide to implementing Responsible AI in your organization? Look no further than our Responsible AI Playbooks!

Tailored to your organization's AI maturity level, our Playbooks support your journey toward sustainable change and continuous improvement through AI Governance. Our step-by-step approach empowers every individual to take ownership of their role in Responsible AI, no matter where they stand!

To get started, follow these two actionable steps:

Step 1: Download The Responsible AI Change Management Playbook (this one!) to identify your organization's Responsible AI maturity level & your Responsible AI Persona.

Step 2: Download the Persona Playbooks corresponding to your profile—enabler, influencer, protector, and builder—to gain practical guidance and examples on how to further Responsible AI initiatives in your organization.

Take the first step towards implementing Responsible AI practices. Download The Responsible AI Change Management Playbook today!

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