Generative AI Risk Management in A Platform

Chances are, you’ve felt the expanding mandate for AI usage at your company, with GenAI being embedded in every department and function. But unapproved usage or "shadow AI" is skyrocketing, with over 50% of employees using unapproved generative AI tools at work, according to a Salesforce study.

With Credo AI's expanded GenAI Risk and Controls Library, you can now quickly identify all of the relevant risks that need to be addressed for a specific AI tool or application, and the controls to mitigate those risks. Combined with our existing features to streamline GRC for AI, your AI governance process can be faster than ever, enabling your company to become a trustworthy AI-powered leader in your industry.

Request a demo of the Credo AI platform to see our expanded GenAI Risk and Controls Library in action including:

  • Over 400 new GenAI-specific controls, expanding the Credo AI Risk and Controls Library to nearly 700 AI Risk Scenarios and corresponding controls
  • Streamlined AI governance workflows from AI use case intake, to approval, to mitigation
  • AI risk scenario and controls recommendations from Credo AI Assist

See a glimpse of the platform:

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