Introducing EU AI Act Readiness

Get Ready for the EU AI Act and Implement AI Governance

The EU AI Act is on the horizon, and is the first comprehensive AI regulation of its kind.

At Credo AI, we built our Responsible AI Platform to help companies implement AI governance no matter their stage of AI maturity. The EU AI Act Readiness product is an extension of Credo AI’s Responsible AI Governance Platform. It helps you:

  • Register your AI Systems: register your organization’s AI Use Cases in our AI Registry to be able to see whether they are “high risk” (or minimal/limited risk)
  • Map Requirements: Get access to a  list of yes/no questions that map to the requirements of the EU AI Act and a report template that provides a “readiness score” that aligns with the % of EU AI Act requirements that the organization is meeting. 
  • Reporting and monitoring: Learn how “ready” for EU AI Act compliance a particular Use Case is and provide a clear list of all of the things that still need to be done to get in compliance with the EU AI Act

Be Ready and Differentiated for the Future of AI

While the known risks of technologies like generative AI abound, the yet-unknown risks loom even larger.

This unknown future is exactly why adhering to the EU AI Act will create a competitive edge for enterprises in the age of AI-powered systems and products, while providing an internal bulwark against the yet-unknown risks of AI.

In 2023, the world demanded AI governance more loudly than ever before, with global leaders launching countless initiatives and commitments to advocating for AI “guardrails” of some kind. Credo AI is building the technical backbone for these guardrails, and equipping companies for this future.

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