Adopt Generative AI Safely and Effectively

Minimize business risks from using generative AI tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot

Adopt Generative AI with Confidence

Guardrails let you
drive fast

AI, data, and compliance leaders want to ride the generative AI wave with confidence — and not get crushed underneath it.

To govern generative AI, enterprises need a control function between business logic and business ethics to continually align large language models to serve organizational goals. This will keep businesses in control of their outputs, their brands, and their outcomes.

Future-proof from GenAI Risks

Keep humans in control of AI

Generative AI presents many novel risks, even as developers race new LLMs to market. Guardrails are essential to mitigate risk and potential damage to an organization's brand, operations, and customers.

GenAI Guardrails features an interface for tracking and explainability to stakeholders, executives, and boards who may be panicked about generative AI.

Track Every GenAI Use Case

Use AI Registry for GenAI project management. This lets you reign in generative AI usage to only controlled instances.

Apply GenAI Policy Packs

A screenshot of the AI Risk Issues feature.

Based on your GenAI use cases, Credo will surface Risk Recommendations and appropriate Policy Packs to mitigate the many risks of GenAI.

Deploy Guardrails to End Users

Test GenAI policies in a Credo sandbox, or deploy to your ML infrastructure, applications, and end users of generative AI apps.