Partnership Announcement: Loihde Selects Credo AI & its Governance Software to Bring Responsible AI to Europe and the Nordic Ecosystem

Today, we are thrilled to announce Credo AI’s partnership with Loihde, a prominent consultancy firm deeply ingrained in the Nordic ecosystem, with a focus on fostering growth and competitiveness through intelligent digitalization.

June 19, 2023
Giovanni Leoni
Nino Ilveskero

Today, we are thrilled to announce Credo AI’s partnership with Loihde, a prominent consultancy firm deeply ingrained in the Nordic ecosystem, with a focus on fostering growth and competitiveness through intelligent digitalization.

With shared values and a mutual vision, Credo AI and Loihde are committed to empowering businesses across Europe and the Nordic ecosystem, promoting and operationalizing responsible AI practices through Credo AI's Responsible AI Governance Platform, as well as supporting organizations' readiness to comply with the EU AI Act.

The Role of Partnerships in AI Governance

Credo AI is the leading AI governance platform that empowers organizations to deliver and adopt artificial intelligence responsibly, safely, and confidently by proactively measuring, monitoring, and managing AI risks. Credo AI helps organizations of all sizes, including Global 2000s, SMBs, and startups, unlock AI's innovative potential while ensuring compliance with emerging global regulations and standards, like the EU AI Act and NIST AI Risk Management Framework, effectively and efficiently.

Today, Credo AI is collaborating with channel partners to advance the widespread adoption of Responsible AI (RAI) and enhance the organizational capacity of businesses to embrace RAI practices through comprehensive and contextual governance. Together with our channel partners, Credo AI wants to support the capability of organizations to:

  1. Adopt AI technologies confidently to deliver on an enterprise’s top, bottom, and green-line growth goals. This is especially critical for new innovations like Generative AI, where governance from the onset can help organizations understand and manage their risks while reaping their benefits.   
  1. Accelerate AI innovation through comprehensive governance. Credo AI governance software helps standardize & scale the best responsible AI practices and frameworks across the entire AI lifecycle.  With the change management skills and capabilities of our channel partners, we can meet the needs of the AI enterprise wherever they are in their Responsible AI journey.  
  1. Augment future-proofing an enterprise. In the age of AI, an enterprise’s success will depend on how quickly it can adapt to the changing technological, geo-political, and regulatory landscape to deliver on its Responsible AI goals. In this ever-changing global world, our channel partners' expertise and regional context, combined with  Credo AI’s contextual governance software, can help an enterprise navigate these changes effectively, economically, and efficiently.   

Loihde: Driving AI Governance in Europe and Nordics

When it comes to championing AI governance in the Nordic ecosystem, Loihde stands at the forefront. As a consultancy firm deeply rooted in the Nordic region, Loihde brings unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of the exciting developments happening in the AI industry, particularly in the realm of data governance and data quality.

With a strong focus on sustainable and secure AI, Loihde has expanded its expertise toward AI governance and sustainable AI and is a valuable partner in driving the implementation of data governance and AI governance practices, as their ambitions align closely with ours across both the private and public sectors.

Credo AI: The Partner to Operationalize Responsible AI and Support Business with EU AI Act Compliance

Loihde and Credo AI have a shared vision of AI governance as enabling safe and responsible AI development, procurement, and use. Loihde's expertise in understanding enterprises and organizations, along with their method frameworks and thought leadership, perfectly complements the strengths of Credo AI's Responsible AI Governance Platform, which provides the necessary tools to bring their governance framework to solve business needs economically & efficiently and ensure readiness to track and report on compliance with the EU AI Act’s requirements. Learn how your business will be impacted by the EU AI Act with our quick online assessment.  

By leveraging the Responsible AI Governance platform, Loihde can confidently implement AI initiatives with the assurance of adhering to responsible AI practices and robust governance frameworks across their enterprise clients. This partnership allows both organizations to combine their strengths and effectively navigate AI and governance's complex and emerging landscape.

Another step in the responsible direction.

In an era where responsible AI is gaining paramount importance, channel partners will be key to fostering the development of sustainable and ethical artificial intelligence. The collaboration between Credo AI and Loihde is a testament to our shared vision of promoting AI governance and data ethics within the Nordic ecosystem and the European Union. This strategic collaboration marks a significant step towards shaping a brighter future for organizations, harnessing the power of AI while prioritizing ethical and sustainable approaches.

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