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Introducing Credo AI Assist: AI-powered assistance to streamline AI governance workflows

The Credo AI platform now features a set of Large Language Model (LLM)-powered features to help speed up the process of AI governance, risk management, and compliance, by automating the onerous or repetitive tasks required for AI to be trustworthy-by-design.

February 27, 2024
Ehrik Aldana
Ian Eisenberg
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Both startups and enterprises are seeing that the biggest friction to the adoption of AI at scale is trust. Trust is built through proper governance.

Whether it is from a slew of public AI pitfalls, or the regulatory writing on the wall, organizations are realizing that AI systems — whether built or bought — require governance from their inception to make these systems safe and trustworthy for the company, their customers, and the public.

However, historically the word ‘governance’ comes along with connotations like cumbersome, process-heavy, and manual. Teams focused on security, privacy, and compliance can be at odds with the teams focused on innovation, product, and the development and implementation of AI.

The Credo AI platform unites these teams around the common goal of rapid, safe AI adoption. Today, we are excited to unveil a set of Large Language Model (LLM)-powered features to help speed up the process of AI governance, risk management, and compliance, by automating the onerous or repetitive tasks required for AI to be trustworthy-by-design.

Credo AI Assist empowers AI custodians

Uploading a file to Credo AI assist to generate AI use case documentation

Credo AI Assist helps AI Governance Leads — or as we call them, AI Custodians — to make informed, faster decisions about AI systems, risk, and compliance. Our design philosophy centers on presenting actionable insights through simple, intuitive workflows and leveraging the power of AI to interpret and apply governance information in context.

Credo AI Assist introduces three new capabilities to the platform:

  • AI Use Case Intake with AI Assist: Upload Use Case documentation to the Platform, and  Credo AI Assist will generate a description and recommend governance-relevant metadata to be added to your AI Registry. Streamline the process of populating your AI Registry with the help of Credo AI Assist. 
  • AI-Powered Risk Scenario Recommendations: Credo AI Assist recommends the most relevant and up-to-date risks that apply to a Use Case based on the information provided during intake. This makes it easier for governance teams to create use-case-specific plans for comprehensive risk management.
  • AI-Powered Control Recommendations: Credo AI Assist improves the recommendations that the Credo AI platform provides for specific risk-mitigating controls that are relevant to a given risk scenario. This augments AI Governance Custodians, enabling them to create comprehensive risk-mitigating plans at the pace of AI innovation.

Human augmentation over automation

At Credo AI, we want to empower AI governance custodians to review and manage their AI systems quickly and effectively with features like Credo AI Assist. But the most critical component of AI governance is the humans themselves. This credo is baked into our product, and governs our development of features that employ AI. Based on extensive user research, we look to automate the burdensome busywork in AI governance — tasks like data entry and workflow routing — so the humans in charge can stay focused on critical decision-making.

Streamlining AI governance for rapid, safe AI adoption

AI governance should be as painless as possible, so AI stakeholders can focus on the entire point of AI adoption: delivering results in the business.

Register for our upcoming webinar, Streamlining AI Governance: AI stakeholders and the jobs to be done, to understand how Credo AI Assist — and several other new features — help empower AI governance teams to become enablers at their organizations, and enable the fast, safe adoption of AI enterprise-wide.

Credo AI’s approach for safe deployment of AI features

These features are just the beginning; we are infusing intelligence into the Credo AI Platform at every layer to support AI governance. At the same time, we deeply understand the importance of safe and responsibly deployed AI, and so we have made these features opt-in for all of our customers. For more detailed info, read our LLM FAQs to understand the considerations we've taken before building these experimental features.

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