AI Governance Alliance: World Economic Forum Selects Credo AI to Champion Responsible AI Globally

Credo AI has been selected as a key member of the pioneering initiative AI Governance Alliance established by the World Economic Forum.

November 13, 2023
Giovanni Leoni
Catharina Doria
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Credo AI has been selected as a key member of the pioneering initiative AI Governance Alliance established by the World Economic Forum. This collaborative effort brings together leaders from various sectors, including industry, government, academia, and civil society, to champion the responsible global development and deployment of transparent and inclusive AI systems.

The AI Governance Alliance has a clear goal: to leverage the collective expertise of its diverse stakeholders to make a positive impact on existing AI governance efforts. Building upon the extensive network and resources of the World Economic Forum, this initiative seeks to engage with different regions while shaping a comprehensive global approach to address the transformative power of generative AI systems. The alliance is organized into three distinct workstreams, each with its unique focus:

Safe Systems and Technologies: Here, Chief Science Officers and AI producers collaborate to develop and standardize technical safeguards for the rapidly advancing field of generative AI. The objective is to establish consensus on the necessary precautions to be taken during the development phase. This includes defining clear boundaries for AI development and usage, with a strong focus on deployment and release practices. Key areas of concern encompass standardizing terminology, aligning AI systems with human values and ethical principles, enhancing transparency for increased accountability and trust, and creating robust evaluation methods to assess the safety and performance of generative AI technologies.

Resilient Governance and Regulation: This track brings together public sector officials and regulators to focus on the creation of forward-looking governance and robust institutions capable of overseeing generative AI in the years to come. The aim is to develop meaningful public sector solutions and infrastructures that can address the evolving challenges posed by generative AI systems. This includes anticipating the complexities of future governance landscapes that merge public and private initiatives. Key areas of emphasis revolve around striking a balance between fostering innovation, understanding the unique requirements of diverse sectors and regions, and ensuring a future where technology acts as a positive force for humanity.

Responsible Applications and Transformation: In this track, leaders from both the private and public sectors, civil society, and academia come together to explore the world of generative artificial intelligence (AI). We delve into the opportunities and risks associated with its adoption, shedding light on how generative AI is being applied in organizations.

Credo AI has proudly joined the AI Governance Alliance, not only to align with its overarching mission but also to actively contribute to all three of these workstreams. We are dedicated to putting responsible AI governance into practice daily through our  Responsible AI Governance Platform, which enables organizations to adopt Generative AI with confidence, understand, manage, and mitigate AI risks, and ensure compliance to existing and future regulations. Our commitment extends to listening and learning from the rich network of experts and providing our  AI ethics and risk management expertise from operationalizing Responsible AI, with the goal of enhancing governance practices in the AI ecosystem.

"We are excited to welcome Credo AI to the World Economic Forum's AI Governance Alliance, dedicated to fostering responsible and inclusive development of AI systems. The alliance is committed to providing guidance, tools, and resources to facilitate the responsible and inclusive development and deployment of generative AI technologies worldwide."  - Cathy Li, Head, AI, Data and Metaverse; Member of the Executive Committee.

See you at the AI Governance Summit in San Francisco!

We're excited to announce that Credo AI will be participating at the World Economic Forum's AI Governance Summit from November 13th to 15th in San Francisco. We look forward to the opportunity to connect and engage with a global ecosystem of individuals who share our passion for putting into practice responsible AI governance. If you're attending the summit, we'd be delighted to meet you there. 

If you would like to know more about our engagement within the global ecosystem of Responsible AI Governance and what we at Credo AI do to support organizations to operationalize AI Governance, please reach out to us here.

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