Advancing AI Governance in Brazil: Credo AI and Quality Digital Join Forces

Today, we at Credo AI are excited to announce our partnership with Quality Digital, a specialist in accelerating businesses through innovative digital solutions.

April 3, 2024
Giovanni Leoni
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Today, we at Credo AI are excited to announce our partnership with Quality Digital, a specialist in accelerating businesses through innovative digital solutions, bringing a wealth of expertise in high-value solutions focusing on strategy, business, commerce, automation, IT optimization, and ESGRC.

Together, Credo AI and Quality Digital are poised to revolutionize the landscape of AI Governance in Brazil (and beyond!) by leveraging Quality Digital's deep understanding of the South American AI market and Credo AI's cutting-edge Responsible AI Governance Platform to operationalize AI governance, risk management, and compliance. 

The Role of Partnerships in AI Governance

Credo AI is the leading AI governance platform that empowers organizations to deliver and adopt AI responsibly, safely, and confidently by proactively measuring, monitoring, and managing AI risks. Credo AI helps organizations of all sizes, including Global 2000s, SMBs, and startups, unlock AI's innovative potential while ensuring compliance with emerging global regulations and standards, like the EU AI Act and NIST AI Risk Management Framework, effectively and efficiently.

Today, Credo AI is collaborating with channel partners to advance the widespread adoption of governance, risk management, and compliance for AI (GRC for AI) and enhance businesses' organizational capacity to embrace these practices through comprehensive and contextual governance. 

Together with our channel partners, Credo AI wants to support the capability of organizations to;

  1. Adopt AI technologies confidently to deliver on an enterprise’s top, bottom, and green-line growth goals. This is especially critical for new innovations like Generative AI, where governance from the onset can help organizations understand and manage their risks while reaping their benefits.   
  1. Accelerate AI innovation through comprehensive governance. Credo AI governance software helps standardize & scale the best responsible AI practices and frameworks across the entire AI lifecycle.  With the change management skills and capabilities of our channel partners, we can meet the needs of the AI enterprise wherever they are in their Responsible AI journey.  
  1. Augment future-proofing an enterprise. In the age of AI, an enterprise’s success will depend on how quickly it can adapt to the changing technological, geo-political, and regulatory landscape to deliver on its Responsible AI goals. In this ever-changing global world, our channel partners' expertise and regional context, combined with  Credo AI’s contextual governance software, can help an enterprise navigate these changes effectively, economically, and efficiently.

A partnership to meet the needs of South America

Quality Digital's strong track record and future ambitions within the GRC space for AI will support a collaborative approach where we meet customers where they are, enabling them to adopt AI technologies confidently, accelerate AI innovation through comprehensive governance, and future-proof customers' enterprises in the age of AI.

According to Cássio Pantaleoni, the company’s AI head, Quality Digital’s expectation with this new partnership is to provide AI solutions for businesses, using generative AI, machine learning (ML), deep learning, and multimodal AI technologies focusing on responsible artificial intelligence (AI):

“We will be the first company in the national market to offer an AI implementation model focusing on governance, mitigation of reputational risks, operational risks, and compliance,” says the executive.

Another step in the responsible direction. 

With the increased adoption of AI, especially with generative AI, there is a growing need for AI governance to ensure AI is created and used responsibly and safely. In addition, with this partnership, Credo AI and Quality Digital are poised to make a profound impact in the industry, fostering a culture of responsible AI adoption and unleashing the full potential of this transformative technology.

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