Ensure that your AI is fair, compliant, and auditable.

The Credo AI Platform and Credo AI Lens Assessment Framework plug into your existing AI infrastructure to translate compliance needs into technical requirements for model assessment and identify existing and potential AI risks, along with common issues.


Continuous AI Risk & Compliance

Integrate with your MLOps & ModelOps stack and automatically generate governance artifacts

Automate collection and assessment of AI risk and compliance issues throughout the ML development lifecycle.

Translate Governance Evidence Into Risk & Compliance Insights

Credo AI helps you level up your current model risk management processes to address new risks and challenges with advanced AI/ML systems. From technical tools that help you detect bias and explain model outputs to governance tools that ensure your AI/ML development teams are complying with existing and new regulations at every step along the way, Credo AI can help you reduce risk and increase ROI of your organization’s adoption of AI/ML.

Credo AI’s technical assessment tools help data science teams manage model assessment for governance and compliance, reducing the time it takes to get a solution approved for production use. And the open source Credo AI Lens framework makes it easy to integrate assessments into your existing workflows.

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