Build trust in third-party AI & ML products

Whether you’re a vendor selling AI/ML to risk-averse customers or you’re buying AI/ML for the enterprise, conducting Responsible AI assessments is essential to building trust during the AI procurement process.


AI Procurement & Vendor Risk & Compliance Management

Credo AI helps organizations manage AI vendor risk with tailored assessment tools and policies.

As an AI customer

Evaluate AI vendor risk, so you can buy third party models and applications faster, with more confidence.

When it comes you evaluating the risk of third party machine learning models and AI-driven applications, you don’t know what you don’t know—but Credo AI is here to help. With custom policy packs that help you develop a list of vendor requirements and automated risk assessment tools, you’ll know exactly what to look for in the procurement process.

As an AI vendor

Manage your customers' governance questions and requests with the Credo AI platform.

Answering long compliance questionnaires from your customers is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Nobody wants their PhD data scientists spending their time copy/pasting from one Excel file to another Word doc! The Credo AI governance platform automates governance evidence collection and makes it easy to generate customized governance reports for your customers, so you can build trust and move through the procurement process faster.

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