Credo AI Customer Case Studies

Credo AI is purpose built for organizations in all stages of the Ethical AI journey, across many industries. Whether you're in Financial Services, HR Technologies, Retail, or Government, Credo AI is ready to be customized for your AI Governance needs.

CREDO AI Case Studies

Financial Services

A large financial services company streamlines existing governance processes to improve ROI of AI.

A publicly traded global financial services organization was spending approximately $50M annually on manual governance processes to manage AI risk and oversee compliance of thousands of ML models. The firm partnered with Credo AI to standardize, streamline, and scale its AI governance processes, thereby reducing the cost of AI risk management. Additional benefits include increasing customer trust to unlock more sales and increased ROI on AI development efforts, enabling top-line growth.

Top Use Cases:

  • Fraud
  • Risk Scoring
  • Credit Underwriting
  • Portfolio Optimization
CREDO AI Case Studies


A global cloud provider builds customer trust with better assessments and governance documentation.

One of the largest global cloud services providers was faced with a long procurement process with its customers, who were demanding disclosures to provide visibility into model development and governance. The organization partnered with Credo AI to assess its models comprehensively for fairness issues and provide fairness documentation to its customers, thereby reducing its sales cycle and improving ROI of AI.

Top Use Cases:

  • Facial recognition
  • Speech recognition

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